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JavaScript SpellCheck

Using Your Key

For good security reasons, the mothod to apply your JavaScript SpellCheck license key varies if with the server mode you are using:

Source Code

    <add key="aspnetspell_key" value="MY-92838-LICENCE-KEY" />

What If My Key Doesn't Work First Time ?

Every key that we send is verified twice. So if your key is installed properly - the software will no longer display the "Please Register" message.

If that message persists - a likely cause is that your server is set to preference and prefer a server model other than that your app is coded in.

To resolve this you have 2 options

JavaScript Code Based Solution

Source Code

$Spelling.ServerModel = "aspx" ;// or php or asp as required

File System Based Solution

Go to javascriptspellcheck/core/ in your file explorer. In that folder there are 3 files.

Delete the 2 files that you do not<b> need.