The JQuery Spell Check Plugin

Add spellchecking-as-you-type or spelling dialog windows to any website or intranet project using jQuery code.

The jQuery spellcheck plugin allows you to add spellchecking to textareas, inputs and editiors in 24 inernational languages with just 1 line of jQuery. It even works in browsers with no native spellchecker. It supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer from version 5 to 11 (including Edge). Download the plugin and get started »

jQuery Spell Checking Demo

Jquery Spell Check - Tutorial & Getting Started

Calling the spellchecker takes only 1 line of jQuery / JS code:

spellCheckInDialog spellCheckInDialog is used to power the spellcheck button onClick



spellAsYouType is used to provide Spell-Check-As-You-Type suggestions with a context menu and 'red-wiggly underlines'


Configuration Options

The you can pass a settings object into the function call to completely control the spellchecker behavior.

 $(function() {$('textarea').spellAsYouType(defaultDictionary:'Espanol',checkGrammar:true);});

Install the plugin undser 5 minutes

  1. Download JavaScriptSpellCheck
  2. Unzip and copy it to the root folder of your website - such its url "/JavaScriptSpellCheck"
  3. Add jQuery to your Page as usual
  4. Add JavascriptSpellCheck/include.js to your page after jQuery
<script type="text/javascript" src='/jquery/jquery.min.js' >
<script type="text/javascript" src='/JavaScriptSpellCheck/include.js' ></script>

Installing jQuery Spellcheck

  1. Download JavaScriptSpellCheck which comes packages with the Jquery Spellcheck Plugin
  2. Unzip and copy it to the root folder of your website - such its url "/JavaScriptSpellCheck"
  3. Add jQuery to your Page
  4. Add JavascriptSpellCheck/include.js to your page after jQuery


jQuery Spellcheck - Plugin Features

jQuery has an excellent $ 'selector' system which we utilize on the main spell check methods.

The plugin is unique for jQuery spell-checking because:

  • This plugin never sends your data to 3rd party servers for spellchecking.. Google has turned off the service which otherjquery spellcheck plugins were hacking into against terms of legal fair usage.
  • It provides contextal spell-checking with 'red-qwiggly-underlines'.
  • It does not rely on unusual libraries such as PSpell, ASpell or MS Word® in the back end.
  • This plugin never sends your data to 3rd party servers for spellchecking.
  • It also provides a traditional spell check in an html dialog window using jquery.
  • It works in all modern web browsers (those supporting jQuery). Including legacy IE!
  • It works on Microsoft OR Linux or Mac OS X hosting. It can be run by ASP, ASP.Net or PHP
  • It is fast - supporting spell checking operations at a rate of of upto 30,000 words a second.
  • We provide developer support by American & British JS developers.

What is jQuery spellcheck?

jQuery spellcheck is a plug-in for the jQuery dialect of JavaScript, which adds contextual and dialogue-based spell checking in any web application.

The spellchecking provided can be entirely controlled by the developer we can guarantee that spellchecking capabilities are available irrespective of the browser platform the user employs. this includes guaranteeing the correct dictionaries are installed in over 20 languages, and being able to fine tune this vocabulary to exactly meet business and organizational requirements: including specialist words like company names people names and so on.

It can be used to spell check text areas inputs and, and in fact any element of the Dom tree even if it is not edible editable. this includes rich editors such as CKEditor and TinyMCE.

jQuery spellcheck is an extension to the existing JavaScript spell check which already has a global user base including 30+ world governments and a large portion of the Fortune 500. it has been developed and honed for a decade as of 2017.

How is the plug-in installed?

jQuery spellcheck is installed by simply uploading folder into your website or web application unlike other free plug-ins, it does not require GPL spellchecking libraries (such as pspell) to be installed on your server. Everything required including the backend spellchecking technology and dictionaries is included within the plug-in you install.

It also does all the spellchecking on your own servers without sending your data off to 3rd parties such as Google servers which is clearly a security violation, though this technique has been used by other plug-ins in the past.

Just copy, paste & upload!

You, teh developer, will need to link to JavaScript spell check/info .es in your HTML directly after including the jQuery library using a script tag

jQuery spell check can be installed on Linux Mac & Windows Web server in exactly the same manner. It also works equally well on localhost.

The backend to this plug-in (which you don't need to modify yourself), provides handlers compatible with IIS party and Internet out-of-the-box ( using PHP, C#, and JS). So that is one less thing to worry about. everything is dealt with in the user interface layer.

 we find that many intranet developers prefer to apply the spellchecking within the user interface layer even though they are seasoned back-end developers, simply because it abstracts user interface to the right part of the application and the clusters the backend.

Why do I need spellchecking to be provided by jQuery

Ensuring the quality of data entered into a website business system. Otherwise why have an intranet or a CMS? It is clearly important if you want the data to be used and searchable and the future. this plug-in provides a single solution that covers quality of data entry including rudimentary grammar checking across all platforms.

If your web application as a functional requirement to guarantee data quality or provide consistent spellchecking to the user then this plug-in is ideally placed to meet that requirement in a consistent reliable manner. we cannot guarantee what browser platform the end-user will be using, and whether or not they will have quality spellchecking capabilities installed.


jQuery Functions & Options

jQuery Functions

Function Return Value Description
$('#mySelction').spellCheckInDialog(options) Opens a spellchecking dialog window Spelling Instance Object
  • #mySelction can be any jQuery selection of elements
$('#mySelction').spellAsYouType(options) Spelling Instance Object Causes any texarea(s) selected to underline any misspelled words - and provides spelling suggestions on right click.
  • #mySelction can be any jQuery selection of elements
$('#mySelction').binSpellCheckFields(options) *True if all fields are spelled correctly
  • False if the fields contain spelling errors.
Spell checks all field in the selection.
  • #mySelction can be any jQuery selection of elements

jQuery Configuration Options

Option Default Value Description
defaultDictionary "English (International)" Default dictionary the spell checker will use.
userInterfaceTranslation "en" Translates the spellchecker dialog into over 50 international languages automatically.
showStatisticsScreen true Shows statistics such as word count and number of edits after spellCheckInDialog is complete.
submitFormById "" javascript id of a form to submit after spellCheckInDialog is complete.
theme "modern" CSS theme to apply to the spellchecker.
  • Relates to a folder in "JavaScriptSpellCheck/themes"
  • Learn more...
caseSensitive true Catches spelling mistakes caused by iNcoorect CasIng.
checkGrammar true Catches basic grammar mistakes such as repeated words, sentence casing and punctuation
ignoreAllCaps true Ignores BLOCK CAPS which are often abbreviations or product codes.
ignoreNumbers true Ignores w0rds w1th num8rs in them which are often product codes.
showThesaurus true Shows a thesaurus and word meaning lookup during spellCheckInDialog
showLanguagesInContextMenu true Allows the user to change dictionary 'on the fly' when using spellAsYouType
serverModel "auto" Chooses the server model that does the 'behind the scenes' AJX spellchecking requests. We support:
  • 'php' - PHP or above
  • 'asp' - classic ASP
  • '' - 2 or above raw request handler
  • 'aspx' - 2 or above ASPX page
  • 'auto' automatically detects the best choice in the vast majority of cases.
popUpStyle "auto" spellCheckInDialog pop-up style:
  • "modal" - a modal dialog window
  • "modeless" - a modeless dialog window
  • "popup" - a normal popup
  • "modalbox" - prototype style JavaScript modal pop-up.
  • "fancybox" - jQuery / JavaScript modal pop-up.

See the custom PopUps And Themes Tutorial.


Also see our other spellchecking plugins for CKEditor, TinyMCE Editor, ASP.Net, Classic ASP, jQuery & PHP