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JavaScript SpellCheck

To use a dictionary other than "International English" in JavaScript Spell Check - you need to download that specific dictionary file.

We have 20+ free international dictionaries for you to use - including free medial, legal and scientific dictionaries.

We do not include all dictionaries in the package because they would bloat the package unnecessarily.

Installing an Additional dictionary

Make JavaScript SpellCheck use Your Dictionary Using JavaScript Code

International Spell Checking in JavaScript

Working with UI Translations

Automatically translating the Dialog Windows and Menus of JavaScript SpellCheck into another language is easy. We have already prepared over 40 translations for you. Full list of UserInterfaceTranslation codes...

$Spelling.UserInterfaceTranslation = "cn"; //Chinese User Interface.

Working with Dictionaries

JavaScript Spell Check comes packaged with 1 dictionary - 'English (International).dic'. You must install more dictionaries before you can use them.

Once installed - the dictionary to use can be selected using :

$Spelling.DefaultDictionary = "Francais"; //French Dictionary

You can also select 2 dictionaries to use simultaneously using a comma.

$Spelling.DefaultDictionary = "English (Canada),Francais"; //French & Canadian English

Note on Internationalization and SpellCheckAsYouType

If you are using $Spelling.SpellCheckAsYouType then set the UserInterfaceTranslation and DefaultDictionary before calling SpellCheckAsYouType.

<script type='text/javascript' src='/JavaScriptSpellCheck/include.js' ></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
	$Spelling.DefaultDictionary = "Espanol";
	$Spelling.UserInterfaceTranslation = "es";

	<textarea name="myTextArea"  id="myTextArea" cols="30" rows="4">
	  Hola Worlb.
		This this is a simple exampl of spellchecking As-You-Type
		and also with a spellcehcking button.

	<input type="button" value="Spell Check" onclick="$Spelling.SpellCheckInWindow('myTextArea')" />

Installation Guide


Getting started with JavaScript spell check is very simple.