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JavaScript SpellCheck

JavaScript Spell-Checker Tutorials with Source Code

An index of Tutorials on basic and advanced usage of the JavaScript SpellCheck package.

"Hello World" Basic Demo

A basic tutorial explaining how to add As-You-Type Spellchecking and SpellChecking buttons to any web page using JavaScript

Creating a JavaScript Spell Checker Button

Tutorial with JavaScript source-code describing how to add a spellchecker button to any website or intranet form that will cause a MS Word® style spellchecking popup that will allow you to spell-check any or all field on teh page.

JavaScript Spell-As-You-Type

Add SCAYT (spell-check-as-you-type) with red wiggly underlines and context menu suggestions to any or all textareas in your application.

How to Target One, Multiple or All Fields for SpellChecking

A detailed explanation of how to spellcheck one or multiple fields on the page by object, ID, class or type. This tutorial applies to both SpellInWIndow and SpellAsYouType.

Proof of Exceptional Performance

Spell-check chapters of a novel in real time - JavaScriptSpellCheck can process up to and over 30,000 words a second. Industry leading performance.

HTML Editor Integration (CKE, FCK, MCE, etc...)

JavaScriptSpellCheck works with all major web HTML editors.

Internationalization & Translations in Over 40 Languages

A tutorial explaining how to change the user interface text of your Spellchecking Windows and menus, and also how to use our 20+ free international dictionaries.

Custom Popups and CSS themes

A tutorial explaining how use CSS to theme JavaScript SpellCheck. This tutorial also shows how to use fancy jQuery and prototype modal windows.

Maximum Length and Character Count with Spell TextAreas

An example of how to limit the input length of any textarea with our JavaScript "Spell As You Type" technology applied. This closely mimics the proposed behavior of HTML5.

JavaScript Events Model

JavaScript spellchecking examples showing how to use our advanced events model to integrate JavaScript SpellCheck into your application.

AJAX Spell Check

Asynchronous spellchecking using AJAX explained with live examples.

Synchronous JavaScript SpellCheck() function

A tutorial showing how to spell check words and get suggestions "behind-the-scenes" in javascript code using our unique technology - allowing you to build advanced spelling related functionality.

Form Validation "On Submit"

An example of spell check validation when users submitting a form - allowing you to remove the likelihood of badly spelled content being posted on your intranet or website.

Live Field *Validators

Live *Spell Checking Validators that prompt users to check spelling as the enter data into textareas and input boxes.

JQuery SpellCheck Plugin

JavaScriptSpellCheck also provides support for jQuery developers. Learn how to use our jQuery Spell Check Plugin to add contextual spellchecking.